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Thursday, November 6, 2014

REVIEW: Snap Plugs Series 1

I haven't posted about my stretched ears since my how-to post on Kaos earskins for small stretched ears.
I've been stretching my ears very slowly for I'd say almost 3 years now.  I have no goal size and I'm pretty much just occasionally stretching every so often when I feel I want to go up a size.

Snap Plugs: Series 1
Prior to finding out about SnapPlugs I was hesitant to go up sizes because my ear just does not work well with tapers and plugs. My left lobe stretches fine, then my right lobe always has problems. I believe the cause of this is because my right lobe was only pierced maybe a year before I stretched it and my left ear was pierced yeaaaaars before.
So I had been at 2g for quite awhile and I was happy but I wanted to go up in size. The 0g taper was just too big of a size jump and my ear just told me "NO".   I had this same problem doing up from 8g to 6g (I think) I remembered ordering glass plugs on Etsy that was an in between size.
I purchased the Series 1 Snap Plugs that go from 4g to 0g. Though I only used half the pack to go from 2g to 0g. I was able to easily stretch in I'd say a little less than 2 months.
Example of how to use Snap Plugs
Here's a little pic from their website on how these guys work. I found that the little flare toward the back of the plug helps prep your ear as you wear it for a week or two for the next size up.  What I loved about this is it was soooo easy and completely painless. (Though you might say stretching isn't supposed to hurt.... we all know in the small sizes it kind of does)  These plugs have a long wearable area which is good but it did look funny when I was in the process to getting to the goal size.
Me wearing Snap Plugs
I don't have much pictures of me wearing them but they're pretty plain and not much to look at.
One of the sizes I had used the tiny circle cap cracked so it wouldn't stay on. Luckily it wasn't too much larger then 2g so I was able to pop on an extra black o-ring I had and it stayed for the time I used that size.  
Im conculsion, $30 for an easily painless way to get to my goal size is great. It may sound kind of pricey to you but it saves you money on the tapers and plugs you buy in between getting to your goal size.  I am thinking of getting the series 2 if I decide to go bigger.
I hope one day this company will make sets larger than 1/2", many of my "stretched friends" say they wish it there were bigger sizes so they could try it out.  I think since many of them have hit a "stretching plateau" and this seems a lot more convenient to taping plugs.

I also wanted to quickly mention that I had purchased Holey Butt'r and it's awesome! It kind of smells like grass or something but it works well for stretching. I even use it when I change out jewelry as a lubricant.
Tins of Holey Butt'r

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