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Saturday, October 25, 2014

2014 Hair update

I've gone back to having natural colored hair (dyed with probably 4 inch natural colored roots) and a pink "ombre" at the ends like the beginning pictures of my hair experiment post from 2013.  I felt like having blonde for a couple months was just too high maintenance having to do root touch ups every 4 weeks or so.
But since writing that blog entry I have changed a few products to what I feel like works for me!
Though I don't do full head bleaching any more I am now happy with my routine and hopefully you all will be interested in the product I use.
***I am not a professional please keep this in mind. Just sharing what works well for me.

I now use Ion Color Brilliance Powder Lightener and their Sensitive Scalp Developers (20 & 30 vol) - all purchased at Sally Beauty Supply.  I've noticed these developers are easy on my hair (as much as they can be).  For a few months I was bleaching my undercut, which is basically on scalp application with 20 vol and my head wasn't itching like bleaches I've used in the past.  This powder bleach has a nice fruity scent and is blue toned.  Instead of purchasing any toners these days I now make my own which is a lot cheaper and also a lot more gentle. 
I use my daily conditioner and just add in small amounts of Punky Colour Atlantic Blue, Manic Panic Ultra Violet and Manic Panic Purple Haze (both Amplified versions) - I bought these from Hot Topic and the local drugstore.  I mix it all until I get a nice blue based lavender. You can leave this on for as long as you need and it helps condition your recently bleached hair.  The tricky part of this is you need to experiment with how much color to add because it all depends on how brassy your hair is.... and if you don't get it first try the color washes out slowly.

For treatments I've cut back a lot because I don't regularly bleach.
The Organix Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy I only use the first week or two after bleaching.  After I wash my hair I towel dry and smooth this over my ends (it smells lovely, like cocoa butter).  I also use the It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In plus Keratin spray all the time just whenever I remember, this also smells nice!  And lastly Bed Head has brought back my long lost love, Dumb Blonde Reconstructor!  They previously had changed the formula to some nasty waxy build up kind of conditioner.  Now it's back!! I feel like it's not exactly like the original formula... I feel like it's not as good at helping over stressed hair but it's still pretty good (just really expensive now).

Below is to catch you all up with my hair colors I've gone through since my post back in May 2013 to now (October 2014). So here's to a bunch of pictures of my face.

Diluted Special Effects Atomic Pink & Manic Panic Ultra Voilet at the ends

Manic Panic Vampire Red (possibly faded out/diluted)
The ends are a deeper red because this was over the previous pink/purple hair.

Then I did a bleach wash and came out with this pretty color.
3 parts developer
2 parts bleach powder
2 parts shampoo
2 parts conditioner
I don't really measure it out. I kind of just eyeball it and possibly put more conditioner.

Diluted Manic Panic Ultra Violet and Punky Colour Atlantic Blue 

Same as above but I did another bleach bath to lighten slightly

Then I got sick of bleaching my roots and colored black over the top half of my hair

Then I chopped my hair a good few inches

Then I bleached the under part of my bangs and toned it silver with pink ends 
Special Effects Atomic Pink

Then colored my whole hair natural but dyed the ends.
Manic Panic Enchanted Forest & Manic Panic Electric Lizard

And current hair color as of this post right now.
Diluted Special Effects Atomic Pink & Manic Panic Purple Haze

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